Statutes of Filmret ApS

CVR: 36898046

§1: Name and objects of the company

1.1 The name of the company is Filmret ApS.

1.2 The object of the company is to secure the collective management of rights and rights revenue on behalf of Danish and foreign film and TV producers etc. A further object is to safeguard the interests of Danish and foreign film and TV producers associated with the management of these rights and rights revenue in dealings with media companies, other rights organisations and public authorities. Filmret ApS may carry on activities related to the objects described above.

§2: Company capital, shares and register of shareholders

2.1 The nominal company capital amounts to DKK 50,000.

2.2 The company capital is divided into shares of a nominal value of DKK 1,000 each.

2.3 Each share entitles the holder to one vote. No special rights attach to any shares.

2.4 The company's register of shareholders must be available to the company's shareholders in electronic form.

§3: Transfers of shares

3.1 Transfer of shares is subject to the consent of the company's general meeting. Transfer includes any form of change of ownership.

§4: Management

4.1 The company's management consists of a CEO. 

4.2 The duties and responsibilities of the CEO are laid down in rules of procedure for the CEO

§5: General meetings

5.1 The CEO must convene general meetings - annual as well as extraordinary - no earlier than four weeks and no later than two weeks before the general meeting. Notices convening general meetings are forwarded electronically to all shareholders registered in the register of shareholders.

5.2 Shareholders wishing to attend a general meeting must notify the company thereof no later than one week before the general meeting.

5.3 The following business must be transacted at the annual general meeting:

  1. Election of chairman of the meeting.
  2. Report by the CEO on the company’s activities in the year under review.
  3. Presentation of the annual report with the auditors' report for adoption.
  4. Resolution on application of profits or covering of losses according to the adopted annual report.
  5. Appointment of auditor.
  6. Consideration of proposals from the shareholders or the CEO.
  7. Any other business

§6: Financial year

6.1 The company's financial year runs from 1 January to 31 December. The company's first financial year runs from 19 May 2015 to 31 December 2015.

§7: Power to bind the company

7.1 The company is bound by the signature of the CEO.

§8: Audit

8.1 The annual report must be audited by a state-authorised public accountant elected by the general meeting.

8.2 The general meeting may choose to omit auditing provided the related conditions have been satisfied.

§9: Electronic communication

9.1 The company and the shareholders may use electronic exchange of documents and electronic mail in their communication with each other.

9.2 Notices convening general meetings, including agendas, proposals for resolutions, annual reports and other documents; notices of attendance at general meetings; minutes of general meetings; registers of shareholders and other general and individual information may be communicated electronically. 

9.3 The company and its shareholders communicate electronically via the e-mail addresses they have disclosed to each other.

9.4 Details on the requirements for the systems used and the procedures to be followed when communicating electronically can be obtained by contacting the company.

As adopted at the general meeting on 12 March 2018

The company's original statutes were adopted on 19 May 2015 and have been changed at the extraordinary general meeting 20 March 2018.

These statutes were adopted at the extraordinary general meeting held on 11 June 2019.