Working areas

Filmret ApS is the administrator of Producer Rights Denmark (PRD). Filmret has also entered an agreement with the Danish Producers' Association assisting them on certain legal areas.

Producer Rights Denmark (PRD)

The organisation Producer Rights Denmark (PRD) is a merger of the three organisations CAB, Filmkopi and Filmret. The merger went through 27 June 2017. PRD is administred by Filmret ApS

PRD manages TV and film rights on behalf of producers and distributors. The rights are licensed through Copydan, and PRD redistributes the rights revenue to Danish and foreign owners of producers' rights as well as to the organisation’s foreign cooperation partners based on the applicable rights and distribution rules. 

PRD has no assets and is a non-profit organisation. Filmret ApS handles PRD’s administration, while Registration Denmark (REDK) carries out all registration and data processing. REDK is owned by Filmret ApS.

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