Filmret ApS

Filmret ApS is the administrator of Producer Rights Denmark (PRD).

Filmret ApS was established by the three merged organisations CAB, Filmret and Filmkopi (now PRD). On behalf of PRD Filmret ApS administers the rights in areas collectively licensed through Copydan. These areas include rights to cable retransmission, digital services such as Start Over and Catch Up, Blank media (copy) and the use of films and TV content in educational contexts. 

Using the current rights and distribution basis, Filmret ApS process the distribution of rights revenues to TV and film producers and other owners of producers’ rights. Payments from PRD are made primarily on the basis of TV registration data supplied by Registration Denmark (REDK), which is owned by Filmret ApS.

The rights revenues derive solely from Copydan, and the annual figure is in the region of DKK 245 million.